Praise for Intimate Falls…

  • “. . . impossible to put down . . . a page-turning mystery that is filled with suspense and intrigue.”
    Dr. W. D. Brymer, North Shore Reviewer
  • “. . . a fascinating journey through a suitably convoluted plot . . .”
    Marlene Hunter, MD author of Psyche Yourself In
  • “. . . much more than a fast-paced, page-turning entertainment . . . I learned about the inner-workings of rock climbing, the medical world, aikido, and the Internet. Can’t wait to read the next one!”
    Michael Modzelewski author of Inside Passage and Angeles Crest
  • “. . . so exciting that I just couldn’t put it down.”
    W.L. Priddy, Baltimore Reviewer

Praise for No Secrets…

  • “No Secrets is Rucker at his phenomenal best. Excitement from beginning to end. Mystery and suspense with a romantic flare. No wonder the critics are raving about these mysteries. One after another, the fun just keeps coming.”
  • “. . . the real Japan, as seen through North American eyes . . . just like the man says!”
    George K. Johnson, Alter Ego
  • “. . . exotica, erotica, mystery, suspense, and fun — a great mix for an even greater read . . .”
    Ken Roberts, The Lowdown
  • “Rucker has created a splendid shamus for the new millennium. Brandon Drake is shrewd, funny, world-wise, sexy, and cyber-savvy — a man for all seasons.”
    Michael Modzelewski author of Inside Passage and Angeles Crest
  • “. . . extremely well researched and deliciously sexy . . . I’m on my way to the bookstore to get the next one.”
    Marlene Hunter, MD author of Psyche Yourself In
  • “. . . I couldn’t imagine where Brandon Drake could go after Intimate Falls — now I know!”
    Basil Basey, Kentucky Reviewer

Praise for Lance Rucker and his novels…

  • “. . . one of the fast-rising novelists of the new millennium.”
    Good Impressions
  • “Rucker’s writing is erudite and elegant . . .”
    Marlene Hunter, MD, author of Psyche Yourself In
  • “Fans of tight suspense will appreciate Rucker’s many plot twists and turns and will look forward to reading more about the resourceful information agent, Drake.”
    Lee Starr Director, Kootenai-Shoshone Library District, Coeur d’Alene
  • “Brandon Drake may one day be to modern suspense literature what TV detective Thomas Magnum was to prime-time viewers of the 1980s — a well-intentioned supersleuth with a soft spot for the dames.”
    John Knox, Burnaby Now
  • “. . . a seasoned writer. . . dedicated to his craftsmanship, writing with commitment, without succumbing to commercial formula plots.”
    Wendy Welch, Vancouver Book Club Reviewer
  • “Lance Rucker is among the world’s fast-rising stars of the mystery and suspense genres of fiction writing. He is best known for his Brandon Drake novels about a quirky, quixotic, and ever-so-slightly romantic information agent.”
    James Renfrew Entertainment Notes
  • “With a minor in criminology from Berkeley and having been raised in a policeman’s family, it’s little wonder Rucker writes such great mystery novels.”
    Berkeley Notes
  • “. . . and imagine his surprise when Rucker discovered at the age of 14 that his pharmacist grandfather was also working as an undercover agent in drug enforcement!”
    John Lyttle, CDA Communique