Intimate Falls


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It was supposed to have looked like a rock climbing accident. And to everyone but Brandon Drake that was exactly how it looked. And the murderer might have pulled it off if Drake hadn’t been part of the investigation.

Missing husbands were not the usual kind of contract for Brandon Drake to take on, but the “damsel in distress” factor was something Brandy had never been able to resist. Especially when the lady in question was the frantic sister of an old college buddy.

From the rock walls of the beautiful Yosemite valley to the sleaziest bars in LA, from the ruthless rivalries of the computer software industry to the brinkmanship of the rock climbing world, no one knows better than Drake that the proof he will need to reopen the police case is being guarded by someone who has already killed. Someone who, without the slightest hesitation, will kill again.

An excerpt from the novel:

“We were hit last night, Brandy. Broken into. Ransacked.”

“We who?”

“Cranston and Beeley. The agency. In peaceful little Mill Valley, California. Where crime does not occur. Well… anyway. I’m pissed off. Can you tell? And I want to know who your friends might be, so we can open a few wounds on this one. Not to mention you now owe me a little more for this one, guy.”

“Hold on. You mean you think that whoever broke into your detective agency offices had something to do with my investigation?”

“I am not a man of speculation, B.D. In this case, I am a man of certainty. It was related to those queries I put out for you. And I found your answers. Or at least as much in the way of answers as you’re likely to get. But it’s obvious that someone has some very good informant chains, to react so fast and to be able to trace those inquiries back to me. But facts is facts. And the facts is that someone turned files upside down here and searched what they could of the computer records, too.”

Publishing statistics:

ISBN 978-0-9688274-0-6

Settings: Vancouver, BC (Canada), San Francisco, Mill Valley, and Yosemite Park (California)
Circa: present day
Type of material: murder mystery, suspense novel
Number of pages: 405 pp. 105,000 words
Number of chapters: 40 chapters plus Epilogue

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