Final Labyrinth

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It was not a game. The locals on the Mediterranean island of Crete were convinced that the legends of King Minos and his dreadful Minotaur were based in fact, and that a vicious beast still rules an underground labyrinth beneath the archeological ruins at the Palace of Knossos.

Brandon Drake, high-tech information agent, has been hired by clients who are sure that this is all part of a huge investment scam, and who are prepared to pay big money to get to the bottom of it.

Deep below the earth there lurks the very horror that tortured the life of King Minos and his minions many centuries ago, and when a talented young female archeologist goes missing while working as an apprentice at the site, Brandon Drake is forced to put himself right in the beast’s path when it takes its next victim.

Publishing statistics:

ISBN 978-0-9688274-2-0

Settings: Mediterranean Sea (at sea), and the island of Crete
Circa: 1996
Type of material: murder mystery, suspense novel
Number of pages: 465 pp. 127,000 words
Number of chapters: 39 chapters

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